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Jun. 26th, 2007

Ava - Guilty

Emilie de Ravin icontest

So, in my own annoyance at the fact that edrstills hasn't been posted on in over a year, I am opening my own! Simply because, I love Emilie. :)

So, it is in progress, but! check it out anyways! hopefully tomorrow night I'll get around to getting it up completely. emilieicontest

Mar. 4th, 2007

Ava - Guilty

(no subject)

Was playing around with my camera today... and a shot glass... and some pills, of various purposes. Show media Loading...
Take a Shot by ~KinkyWench on deviantART

Feb. 27th, 2007

Roswell Tess broken

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Jan. 21st, 2007


Aspiring Pin-Up Girl

So, in case anyone has any desire to see my ass (I'm sure you're all just dying to see it... yes, I'm being sarcastic!) I made a Deviantart account. http://kinkywench.deviantart.com/ If anyone so wishes... There are only two pix, and only one am I scantly clad. More will be posted soon! If anyone ... cares? lol

Jan. 18th, 2007

Wicked Yero my hero

Bruce Campbell

Okay, so the man is a god, and I have thought this since I was like... oh, Seven years old. He was my first crush. I mean, seriously, I'm in love with him. Well, today, I was at my place of employment, picking up my schedual, and walked right past him, numerous times. I stood, like mere feet from the awesomeness that is Bruce Campbell.

I am one happy woman. I am practically orgasmic over it. lol. I've been hovering over it since I left work. I've told EVERY one I've spoken to. lol.

Jan. 13th, 2007

Em - Seduction

Newfound... strangeness

Alright, so, I'm not sure... no wait, I do know where it came from. I love Bettie Page. I'm like... obsessed with the Pin-Up models of the 40's and 50's. They are beautiful.

So my whole thing with the stipper classes, is mainly to get in shape, but also, because I think it would... SO fun. same goes for Belly Dancing classes. Fun. Okay...

well, the other night, I don't even remember what I was looking for, but I ended up at SuicideGirls.com... a site, I've always loved. Then, I found the application, to become a SuicideGirl. Now, I know I won't get it... I mean... there is just no way. But, I can't resist, I'm going to send in my application. It would be SO amazing if I got picked, I would just... I don't know... die of shock?

Oh yeah, and I got my job back at Blockbuster woot!

Jan. 8th, 2007



X-Posted imaginezia 

A batch of Regina, and Roswell!

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Jan. 6th, 2007

Roswell Candy Nothing

Stripper Pole!

I am so excited! I was looking online for stripper poles, and they are expensive! like around 300 dollars. So I was looking for how to make one :) I found a few websites! Been figuring out how to do it. I've got an idea, and I can't wait! so for closer to about 60 bucks, I can make my very own, semi portable stripper pole lol.

I am watching Desperation... it was an awesome Stephan King book... the movie is... interesting. It had been a while since I read it.

My head hurts, I should go to bed, have to work in the morning. Blah.

Jan. 3rd, 2007


Future Plans!

I'm so excited, I've been looking at it online, I'm planning on taking Pole Dancing classes and/or Belly Dancing classes. I'm so excited about doing it! It's great exercise, and... pole dancing?! Belly dancing?! *squees with joy*

Oh yeah, Sinister Lullaby expired... gonna have to get a new website some day soon.

Oh yeah, and for the pole dancing class, I'd have to have 3 songs, one very slow for the beginning. Then I imagine they'd pick up in speed. So I'm trying to think of really good songs to dance to... Anyone know of any really good songs to pole dance to? hehe
Mad yourgirlmywhore

Bettie Page!

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